Winter 2016 & a Happy New Year!


I would like to thank all the people this year who have visited my page to see the Alpine landscapes. Even though I haven’t met all of you, I always feel the encouragement. Thank you for your comments, likes and shares. On the eve of a new year, I am wishing you a 2017 of joyful adventures. Here are some of my highlights of 2016.

As with any end of year reflection, there is the wish to show the positives in summary. And, this blog is no different! Even so, with all the positives which I am more than happy to list, I was sad to lose two wonderful relatives this year. They were Peter and Benedict, two of my Swiss Uncles. Both were true ‘Mountain Men’, adventurous and full of warmth, always happy to share their memories of adventures in the Alps. And, I was more than happy to listen 🙂 Benedict’s favourite expression whenever I visited, was to remind me of ‘the provisions of time’ when planning any journey, and to always be aware of the risks in any alpine adventure. Uncle Peter’s favourite expression can only be described as a literal. A far-away look in his eyes whenever mountains were mentioned. He would then joyfully enthuse about the Rimpfischhorn, Adlerhorn, Monte Rosa and Dent Blanc. I loved my inspirational Uncles and they will be greatly missed RIP.

So, to the 2016 list 🙂


Fi and Bruno the guide on summit of Breithorn.

Snowdon (thrice)

Pen Y Fan (yeh, I know – but does 5am summit count whilst suffering from flu)

Mettelhorn 3406

Breithorn 4480 – see my blog post Adventure at 4000 metres

Joined The Alpine Club as an Associate (artist) – access to great resources, talks and advice

The Makers Market, December – as well as my online shop, I participated in an arts & crafts market locally.



Three of my favourite photographs from the Breithorn in Autumn 2016 :


View towards Monte Rosa, Lyskamm & Castor.


View towards Mont Blanc.

fi on mountain

Perfect weather conditions on summit.








I am already starting to think ahead to 2017 (as I hope you are too). My aim is to improve my climbing skills. Following advice from The Alpine Club, and as a member of the British Mountaineering Council I’ll take advantage of any climbing opportunities available 🙂 i.e. East Sussex Climbs. Also, on the list for 2017 🙂

Photography Exhibition in January/February (details to follow)

Visit to Alagna, Northern Italy to the beautiful Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel for some R&R

Striding Edge (and probably Snowdon again!)

Then, the biggie this year:

Castor 4228 metres (see some great overviews here and here)

….. with a stay in the Rossi Volante hut to catch the dawn.

Rossi Volante Hut

Image courtesy of ‘Summit Post’.

So, blessed New Year all. I look forward to hearing about your adventures too – Fi xx

gorgeous fi