Great Summer Photos

In September I submitted a shot to the Guardian Witness citizen journalism site, called Great Summer Photos. From over 300 shots, my photo of the Stellisee in the Valais region of Switzerland was one of 15 favourites selected for the Guardian online site. I love this photo, called Stunning Stellisee. The classic shot of the Stellisee is a clear blue sky, with the Matterhorn in the background. This shot of a rain-swept Stellisee shows how great the Alps are, even in the summer rain.

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Guardian Witness site for photographers.

For now, one of the highlights of the summer was for me, the Sebastiao Salgado exhibition which took place at the Natural History Museum in London. I love this photographer’s work. He doesn’t get hung up if everything is not perfectly focussed, or the horizon is not perfectly level. He just captures the moment in his own time. You can also see he has a genuine passion for the environment and people and he values his work. Great example. And an attitude I choose to follow.