‘The mountains are calling …’


As the world emerges from a devastating pandemic, what is the way ahead for artists such as myself, who rely on travel and exploration to communicate our work? To keep a fresh perspective, whilst addressing current concerns regarding climate change and responsible tourism. I have begun considering this in my new exhibition series called ‘Mountain Paths’.

But first things first. When I think about the past 3 years, which have been, let us face it – traumatic – I find myself remembering quotes of the important rhythms of normal life. The often mundane, but essential activities of our daily lives: work, meals, walks, sleep. Basic things which have kept us all reasonably sane during the COVID crisis.

There was also the reality facing so many people of an impact on livelihoods. Most artists are highly reliant on an income which all but disappeared for 2 years. Thankfully I have always relied on another job which continued to exist during COVID. But, I would use this updated blog to ask reader to remember artists: visit exhibitions, follow, like and comment on their social offerings, and buy calendars, cards and even pictures.

However, the biggest pressure is summarised by the words of John Muir: ‘The mountains are calling and I must go’. Every mountain lover has permanently itchy feet and spends most days imaging their next adventure and trip. I was back to the alps as soon as it was sensibly and legally possible, connecting with relatives and sourcing new images in anticipation of a return to normal life. I had secured an exhibition at ‘The Alpine Club’ in London, just before the pandemic. The exhibition was called ‘Alpine Nunatak’ about the glacial islands – see here for more

So as I thankfully emerge from my COVID time, the interruption has passed. I am still not sure what we have learnt from it. Maybe appreciating those daily mundane activities – a sign we are all still alive! – and of course an even greater appreciation for the privilege of every moment in the mountains.

Images: 1. The Weisshorn, 2. The Matterhorn, 3.The Zinalrothorn, calendar 2022, 4. Matterhorn at dawn