10 Dec

International Mountain Day Tuesday 11th December 2018

Ober Gabelhorn 4,063 metres & Zinalrothorn 4,221 metres, Pennine Alps, Switzerland Today marks International Mountain Day 2018 as designated by the UN. To quote their informative website: “Mountains are early indicators of climate change and as global climate continues to warm, mountain people — some of the world’s hungriest and poorest — face even...
26 Jan

Current exhibition in the UK @ One Tree Books

Fi Photos, British & Swiss Alpine Photographer www.fiphotos.org – Faceblog @FiAlpinePhotos – Tweeting @FionaBunn1 – Instagram @fi_bee24 Fi’s stunning snowy scapes are exhibiting from Friday 27th January to Thursday 9th March at Madeleine’s Kitchen at One Tree Books Petersfield, Hampshire in the heart of the South Downs. Fi’s work has been exhibited at the Menier and Brick...
30 Oct

Adventure at 4,000 metres

Thanks for all the donations to Justice & Care ! A month ago (28/09/16),  I had just summited the Breithorn mountain, at a height of 4,164 metres. This was a climb I had hoped to make for some months. I can report that the experience lived up to all expectations, and was exhilarating. At the same...
13 May

Summer is nearly here

Many thanks for the excellent feedback on the new website, plus the two purchases. Much appreciated Inigo and Sheila. My aim through these stunning alpine photos is to highlight how beautiful the Alps are, and what a precious environment we all would want to appreciate for as long as possible. Summer is rapidly approaching,...
06 Apr

Online Gallery launch

Welcome to my online gallery launch. Monte Rosa and Grenz Glacier, twilight. I feel very happy that you have logged into my website to see my range of alpine landscapes, and hope you enjoy viewing my current photos on sale.  I have also started blogging once a month, so check in when you can....
17 Mar

Face Blogging

Facebook and Twitter are great social media tools for connecting with other Mountain fans, by sharing photographs, stories of climbs, recommended kit and general info for the climbing community. I have also found various groups on Facebook which are really helpful, including the group ‘Ground Conditions in UK Mountain Areas’ and ‘Alpine Climbing’. The Alpine community...
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