Summer is nearly here

Many thanks for the excellent feedback on the new website, plus the two purchases. Much appreciated Inigo and Sheila. My aim through these stunning alpine photos is to highlight how beautiful the Alps are, and what a precious environment we all would want to appreciate for as long as possible.

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Summer is rapidly approaching, and the Alps are now full of flowers. Back in the UK, I have been building up my stamina with cycling, running, as well as an amazing trip to visit Pen Y Fan a couple of weeks back. What an fantastic Welsh mountain, easily accessible and very popular. Arrived at dawn, and were treated to an amazing variety of light conditions and wildlife. It may not be a high summit at 886m, but great training.


In the next month, I make my first journey to the Alps this year, and will be tackling a nice challenging 5 hour hike up the Mettelhorn 3406m. The Mettelhorn is a mountain of the Swiss Pennine Alps, located near Zermatt in the canton of Valais, and provides excellent acclimatisation opportunities. It also has it’s own mini glacier near the summit, as well as a slightly scarey ridge. The image below features the Mettelhorn, just in front of the Weisshorn 4506m. More on summiting the Mettelhorn, including safety advice, can be read at the Zermatt info site:

a weisshorn

Weisshorn and Mettelhorn

This is actually just preparation. Come the end of the Summer, I will be climbing the Breithorn 4164m. This will be my first 4,000m plus mountain, and hopefully the first of many. Clearly, as an alpine photographer my main motivation is always to get the shot. Even so, I would also like to take the chance to raise funds for a great charity in the UK called Justice & Care, which looks after young men and women saved from slavery. If you’d like to find out more about supporting my mad mountain adventure, please go to

Have a great month folks. Thanks for reading this, and as they say #GetOutThere 🙂

Love, Fi.

14. Breithorn

Breithorn 4164