Online Gallery launch

Welcome to my online gallery launch.

Monte Rosa sunset

Monte Rosa and Grenz Glacier, twilight.

I feel very happy that you have logged into my website to see my range of alpine landscapes, and hope you enjoy viewing my current photos on sale.  I have also started blogging once a month, so check in when you can.

We live in such an incredible world, with access to mountain regions which are undergoing immense change. The glaciers I visited as a child are now rapidly shrinking. There is an active debate surrounding this; my main hope is that featuring these beautiful alps and glaciers will also draw our eyes upon those who live there. These alpine communities rely upon the glaciers which hewn this beauty into being.

12. Fi

Fi, Matterhorn dawn.

Anyway. That is a little about my love and motivation. The shop features images in particular sizes. However, if these dimensions are too large, or too small, contact me at, and I can supply you with alternative options.