Snowdon in Spring 2016

Snowdon 1085

1 cloudlight Moel Eilio 726

Arriving at 7am on Saturday 5th March in Llanberis. made great progress in very cold conditions. Stuck to the Llanberis Path to make quick hike up and down, partly because of the windchill. Snow was fantastic with the early start, though by the time returning was starting to slush on the main path. Still snowing a little on and off during morning. Back down by 1pm, partly because kept stopping to take photos.

Quite challenging photographically, as it was so cold, very low light, plus snowing on and off. But, it was great just to be climbing up a mountain again, camera in hand. It has also reminded me of what fantastic hikes and climbs there are to be had in the UK. Planning to visit Pen Y Fan by Easter, and then Helvellyn Striding Edge before May. All good practice for the Alps in early Summer.